Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cliche on its way.....'Listen to others but do what your heart says!!'
...or else you'll end up with a sitting duck of a conscience like mine as I listen to what others have to say way too much and have no regard to what I think is right cause, weird enough, what others say always comes out right! I have lost confidence in my own judgement.
My conscience is like a Taliban outpost stupidly placed underneath the open sky, alfresco, inviting some explosive-attention..."Bomb me bit*** me yer motherload!!"
I think its more than my conscience, its my brain....
...there you go, indecision again...I need a break!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The dark blog?

Its obvious that this is shaping up to be a pretty dark blog but be informed I never intended it to be so in the first place.

In contrast to 'God's got a twisted sense of humour' and 'Well...fiddlededee' that somewhat reflect my state of mind a few years back, I find this to be remarkably glum and for good reasons. I was going through some of the the posts last night and I thought maybe renaming this blog would do justice to it, giving it a sadder, more sober name would befit it's mood and content but just then a thought struck me; the arbit thoughts that run nineeteen to the dozen through my head arent really always sad. Though I agree I am pretty low these days, anger and frustration is not all that I feel; I feel love, I feel hopeful, I feel thankful for all the good things I have, I am thankful for who I am and I feel like a Martini pretty much all the time!

It would be interesting watching this blog's mood change when the good times roll in . I only hope it happens soon.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The silver spoon in my mouth...

Folks from the previous generation get a mean kick out of tom-toming their struggles. Some cycled for miles to get to school, some travelled by crowded buses, some carried buckets of water back home from a hand pump somewhere far away, some gave private lessons to finance their further education and some studied underneath a streetlamp.

I respect all of the above. Point taken!

But I do not agree that since we have had it better, we are scum.

I cannot explain how much it ticks me off every single day to be made subject to that routine harangue by everybody, at home, at office, in busses, in the courts, at the markets; to be told that I have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth and to be told that our generation doesnt value what we have, to be pointed a finger at and told that we 'Elite college' folks dont know shit and that we lack strength of character as we do not know what 'real struggle' is.

I only wish they had a taste of what we are put through sometimes , more often than never because of a few members of their own generation! Maybe if they'd quit being so over-proud of their humble origins and wake up, they would see that we, kids, are faced with concerns graver than they could have ever dreamt of during their times.

So typically Kolkata!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello blog!

It’s been a helluva long time, I missed you.

To me you have a rather anthromoprhic existence therefore I feel safe unloading the contents of my blood-pumping appendage into you, with you I have the distinguished advantage of not having to worry about your whining or complaining.

Although I am largely happy that you are always silent, I sometimes wish you could speak.

I haven’t visited you in a while and neither have I fed you with new stuff. I am at fault and I have perfectly good reasons. You see there’s hardly a point scooping your spoon inside an empty bowl for the simple reason that, well, it is empty. Another similar analogy to drive home the point would be, an empty cone is nothing without the ice-cream in it.

Well blog, I am that empty bowl right now, the empty cone. I am spent and I am highly de-motivated, profuse thanks to recent events in my personal and work life, I’ve never been lower.

But be informed that I shall be back soon.

Why is the traffic so woefully low? Haven’t I dressed you up well enough?