Monday, December 8, 2008

For once am at home for legitimate reasons, a public holiday called Bakri Id!
But I feel guilty. My immediate senior has to run around attending conferences with various clients today. She was hoping to be able to stay out of office today especially after we'd worked so hard last Sunday and of course, the following Monday was just crazy!! Filing a writ petition for a paranoid and finicky client is never easy, they want you to change submissions, evidence, people signing Affidavits all the time without completely understanding their legal implications. They can't keep a cool head. Appeasing them, hell, putting up with them is a huge art one learns in this profession.
It beats me how I managed to wriggle out last night of that awkward and frustrating situation when your boss asks you whether you'd be cool with attending office or conferences on a holiday, you try your best to produce a 'yes' poker faced, yet inside you're screaming out 'NOooooo!'
I kept mum when my senior stormed into office late last evening, picked up a bundle of papers and hurried out saying she wouldn't have a day off today cause she has coferences to attend, I could've offered to help out. I didnt. I didnt say a thing. I wanted to eliminate displaying even the slightest bit of intention, reluctant though, to attend those client conferences.

Should I switch off my cell phone right away and forget about things, try my hardest to enjoy this rare treat and risk snide remarks from my seniors tomorrow at work? Or do I keep it switched on, have my formal clothing and laptop on standby, just in case and not go out anywhere cause I may be called to work any minute?

Either ways, my holiday is ruined!

Friday, December 5, 2008

This morning while washing my hands vigorously with liquid soap in the office toilet I realised I'd been indulging in that practice way too many times over the last few days! True, my hands kept getting extremely dusty from digging into those disgusting old book-shelves, hunting out bundles of prehistoric case-briefs, office copies and gathering evidence pretty much the whole of this week yet why do I still feel the need to get cleaned up all the time ,even when I am not in the archives-floor?
Am I taking a quirk too seriously? Or is it that I am gradually getting an obsessive disorder? I sincerely wish it's the former though.

I am sure this could be linked to my rocketing temper and that slight paranoia of late. I always felt I needed some sort of therapy, but never knew for what exactly. For starters though, I am quitting coffee!